West Coast Bully Puppies



We have a story and want our story to be yours - Listed below is the steps to obtaining a puppy from us.

1. Stay up to date with Breedings page or social media feed for upcoming breedings.


2. Review your personal budget - Our pups range from 6-9k including deposit 


3. Decide on your desired sex of your pup and pick

(information of picks on application)

4. Fill out our Form on our application page.

5. Be patient and wait - we will get back to you 

6. Once approved, select breeding of your choosing and a contract will be sent to you for review - send contract signed back to us :)

7. Send Deposit - Once deposit is secured - wait 

8. Once Litter is born, you will be contacted - we normally do picks at 4-6 weeks.

9. Be patient, they are growing and you will be updated with their progress.

10. We make arrangements - shipping or meet up will be set - Pay remaining balance

11. Happy client



Questions, Ask Us Anything

Ky Roberts - West Coast Bully - Founder

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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